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SHS 9th-grade physics field trip to Oregon State University

SHS 9th-grade physics field trip to Oregon State University
Courtney Minyard

Over the course of two days, more than 200 9th graders attended (206, to be exact) the SHS 9th-grade field trip to Oregon State University

Students experienced a campus tour, hands-on STEM activity, and ate lunch on campus.   

Thurston High School and Springfield High School planned this together and did this two different weeks.  

We also asked students if they think we should do this again next year.  The vast majority said yes.  Here are a few responses:

  • Yes I think this field trip is great and is a great opportunity for students to see what a university is like and maybe be more interested in joining a university

  • Because it was fun to learn and see around campus and helps us know more about college and if we want to go there after high school.

  • Yes, because It gives students the chance to find out what career paths they want to choose for life

  • Si por que es muy bonita experiencia y nos faltó conocer más partes de la escuela

  • Yes. It’s a great way to show people a college campus and it was super fun

Well done Science Teachers!