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November Students of the Month for Appreciation

November Students of the Month for Appreciation
Courtney Minyard

We sincerely congratulate the November Students of the Month, who are honored for their remarkable acts of appreciation. Teachers have acknowledged and celebrated these students for consistently demonstrating deep gratitude and appreciation in their academic endeavors and interpersonal interactions. Their commitment to recognizing and valuing the efforts of others is an inspiration to their peers, creating a positive and appreciative learning environment. We commend these outstanding individuals for their character, and we appreciate the teachers for their observations in identifying and acknowledging these virtues in our students.

Well done to our November Students of the Month for exemplifying the spirit of appreciation in all they do!

Constantino Aaron, Jeshua Barajas Molina, Jacqueline Bartolon Diaz, Skymae Benefiel, Rachel Brewer, Leesi Brock, DeeAnn Diaz, Mariah Dubry, Rhiannon Elliott, James Glavin, Tiarah Head, Rebekah Hernandez, Jazmine Hernandez-Ortiz, Christy Juarez Garcia, Emily Lopez Martinez, Josefa Lorenzo Diego, Caden Lyons, Jalen Smith, Dylan Spicer, Tanner Tafoya, Trace Sweezy, John Ward, Keeva Wilcox.