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Journalism and Broadcasting

This pathway prepares students for web journalism and magazine journalism. It is designed to develop skills in the art of journalistic writing and production. Students will practice all aspects of journalism, including interviewing techniques, news gathering, writing objective articles using up to date software and technology.

Students will learn about design and visual storytelling, and learn to record and report events on campus and in the community. Students draft and revise persuasive arguments as to why people should protect wilderness and forests, implement outdoor education, explore local geography, explore environmental topics, or any other inspiring topics. This blends research, narrative writing, argumentation, and multimodal composition, and wraps up by producing the national award-winning magazine Backcountry Review.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to discuss journalism’s history and importance.
  • Display knowledge of ethical practices.
  • Students identify key elements in a news story, including to identify news value, audience, and visuals.
  • Students will gather information to tell an accurate story.
  • Work under deadline pressure.
  • Know how to conduct news gathering interviews, verify facts and story accuracy.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of writing mechanics and transitions.
  • Produce stories across various media platforms.

Possibilities After Graduation

Classes in the pathway include: Graphic Design, Introduction to Journalism, Digital Art & Photo, College Writing 121, Journalism Projects (J216), College Writing 122.

Career possibilities include: Authors, Writers, Editors, Journalists, Reporters, Graphic Designers, Broadcast Journalists and Producers.

Annual Salary Range: $55,000 - $150,000

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