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Digital Arts and Graphic Design

Student looking through camera, filming in SHS studio.

Digital Media Arts is a project-based program which centers around developing skills in the use of industry standard multimedia hardware and software.

Students following this pathway become proficient and career-ready in graphic design, motion graphics, and digital video production. Graphic Design surrounds us: posters, logos, branding , packaging, game art, animations, web design, illustration, clip art, typography, and so on.  Learn to use the latest industry software as you develop skills for one of the many possible careers in graphic design.



Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts, potential, and implications of communicating ideas using computer-based media technology.

  • Become proficient in developing and applying effective visual design strategies for creating interactive multimedia, animation, games, web sites, and photography for business, education, and entertainment industries.

  • Use appropriate library and information resources to research media issues, concepts and tools, and support lifelong technical learning.

  • Design digital projects incorporating multiple forms of media such as text, graphics, audio, video, and animation.

  • Produce, manipulate, and process digital content using computer software applications.

  • Develop proficiency in multiple forms of media design which includes writing for the web, graphic and web design, online content, working with visual imagery, video, sound and animation.

Possibilities After Graduation

Classes in the pathway include: Graphic Design (1, 2, 3), Digital Arts, Digital Arts & Photo, Multimedia Applications, Media (1, 2, 3), Advanced Media, and Leadership Projects.

Career possibilities include:  Associate Graphic Designer, Marketing Graphic Designer, Production Artist, Creative Director, Web Designer, Flash Designer, UI Designer, Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist, Layout Artist, Multimedia Artist, and Freelance Designer. 

Annual Salary Range:  $38,000 - $110,000

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