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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) embraces education, passion, and curiosity to fuel the future for Oregon students. CTE programs use 21st century technology to support students in acquiring technical skills, professional practices, customer service experience, and academic knowledge critical for career success in high-wage, in-demand careers.

Springfield High School has nine distinct CTE learning pathways, all can lead to a journey of exploration and discovery—all pathways could turn into a lifelong career.

For who is a CTE class? Everyone.

Automotive and Diesel Technology

Automotive Technology is hands-on, project-based instruction in the auto and diesel technology areas. Students will be using hand tools, electrical and pneumatic power tools, and industry standard equipment to solve issues related to vehicles. Find out how to troubleshoot on your own car.

Information Technology

Our world depends on Information Technology (IT) professionals more than ever. Students will learn the skills that give them the foundation for a successful career in this high-demand field.

Business Management and Administration

Discover what it takes to make a business successful. In this learning pathway, students learn the basics of personal finance, develop techniques for making wise consumer decisions, master economic principles, and learn how businesses operate.

Construction Technology

Our woods program offers hands-on, project-based instruction in wood technology using hand tools, power tools and industry standard machinery, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment. Earn college credit with Lane Community College while you learn skills that you can use for a lifetime, including those that may earn you a job in the construction or wood products manufacturing industry.

Journalism and Broadcasting

This pathway prepares students for Web journalism, broadcast journalism as well as Magazine journalism.  It is designed to develop skills in the art of journalistic writing and production. This blends research, narrative writing, argumentation, and multimodal composition, and wraps up by producing the national award-winning magazine Backcountry Review.

Digital Arts and Graphic Design

Digital Media Arts is a project-based program which centers around developing skills in the use of industry standard multimedia hardware and software. Students following this pathway become proficient and career-ready in graphic design, motion graphics, and digital video production. Learn to use the latest industry software as you develop skills for one of the many possible careers in graphic design. 

Health Sciences

Are you interested in helping people? Health Sciences Program is dedicated to developing skilled, adept, and passionate health professionals that will be leaders in the healthcare industry. Our Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Chapter provides students real-world opportunities to learn health care skills through community service events, such as blood drives, school vision screenings, and CPR workshops.

Manufacturing Technology

Courses in our Metals program provide a pathway to careers in the construction and fabrication industries or can just be useful around the home.   Using industry-standard safety practices, students will learn about welding and machining, metal fabrication, and advanced  metal working processes.   

Industrial Engineering and Drafting

Classes in this pathway offer an exploration for students interested in careers in engineering, architecture, design, and drafting. Students will gain experience using Autocad (Computer-Aided Drafting) software as well as other industry-standard equipment and software. Students will earn skills that are an excellent direct entry to industry or higher education. 

Become A Partner

Springfield Public Schools aims to build dynamic partnerships with local businesses, nonprofits and institutions of higher education to offer our teachers and students opportunities for experiential and collaborative learning. Listed below are ways you can get involved.

Female mentor talking to diverse young women

Industry Host

Hosting internships, field trips and job shadowing experiences

Young entrepreneur speaking to assembly of students

Class Engagement

Share your knowledge and experience as a guest speaker or lead a project-based lesson in the classroom


Donate in support of programs that promote equity and excellence in learning


Sponsor innovation labs and technology