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Welcome to Springfield High School!

On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Springfield High School is one of the best kept secrets in Oregon education. Our diverse student population benefits from comprehensive programs which offer an array of academic and extra-curricular opportunities. Some examples of these are Academic Strategies, Honors, Advanced Placement and College Now courses, Fine and Performing Arts, Career and Technical Education, athletics and after-school enrichment activities.

We have created the Portrait of the Springfield High School Graduate to clearly define our hopes and expectations for each student. At Springfield High, we are integrating our efforts so that all students may become adaptable and productive members of our community, college and career ready scholars, critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers, effective communicators and collaborators, and ethical decision makers. Our staff and administration are committed to ensuring that our students develop the tools to succeed and learn the skills necessary to be positive contributors to the community.

Our entire staff believes that by strengthening our relationships with the students, their parents and families, and each other, we can accomplish our goals. Our unity of purpose allows us to forge partnerships with local businesses, institutes of higher education and our neighbors. We value community input and welcome your ideas and involvement. We are proud of our school and hope you will contact us for a school tour or to answer any questions you may have.

Go Millers!


Principal José da Silva

Principal José da Silva

12th Grade
Phone: 541.744.4782

Assistant Principal Tracy Ross

10th Grade
Phone: 541.744.4783

Assistant Principal Courtney Minyard

11th Grade
Phone: 541.744.4815

Assistant Principal Lisa Dillon

9th Grade