January Student of the Month

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward – January Student of the Month

Kevin is loved by his family and friends, and is appreciated for his positive outlook, thoughtfulness, loyalty, and desire to make things fun. He has a wide range of interests and finds great satisfaction in getting a plan rolling. While Kevin loves being the architect behind a plan, he is equally happy playing a supporting role. He sincerely celebrates the success of others, which perhaps contributies to the fact that he has a wide array of friends. He values his friendships and has worked hard to build meaningful and lasting relationships during his time at SHS.
Kev is also driven to set personal goals and meet individual challenges. Two of his passions are running and making music. His participation in cross-country has become a core part of his identity, and he has loved running with friends and pushing himself year-round to be the best runner he can be. In addition, he is a talented, self-taught musician who loves creating original pieces of music and playing a variety of instruments. Kevin also loves analyzing and debating ideas, and after graduation, is considering studies in the fields of journalism, political science, and public relations. Whatever he decides to pursue, he has a strong family fan-base cheering him on!
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