Dress for success

Springfield High School

Dress for Success 

 Personal Appearance

Springfield High School’s personal appearance and Dress for Success standards reflect the following goals:  

• To maintain an environment conducive to academic excellence

• To ensure that students are college and career ready

• To allow for consistent application of guidelines by staff and administration 

General Appearance

• Students are to present themselves at school in a manner that is modest, clean and appropriate for learning.

• Clothing and accessories must be free of any messages that suggest sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, violence, racism, discriminatory language, gangs or any other content inconsistent with a positive learning environment as interpreted by staff.

• Dress for Success standards apply on all school days and when students are representing Springfield High School at any school-sponsored event whether on or off campus.


• Bandanas, heavy chains, sharp-pointed jewelry or belts, wallet chains and belts with chains are not to be worn.  Sunglasses may not be worn indoors.

• Fashion hair bands are acceptable with the exception of bandanas.

• No blankets; if a blanket is your only coat, please see administration. 


• All shirts must have straps and/or sleeves that fully cover undergarments at all times.

• Crop tops, halter tops, bare midriff, spaghetti straps or strapless shirts are not permitted.

• When sitting or standing, the shirt must meet or cover the top of the pants/shorts/skirt at all times.

• Undergarments must not be visible at any time.

• The neckline of shirts must be high enough to cover cleavage. 


• Pants and shorts must not sag and underwear must not be visible.

• Skirts should be no shorter than six inches from the top of the knee.

• Shorts must have an inseam of at least three inches; this includes athletic shorts.

• Pajama bottoms or boxer shorts are unacceptable.  


• Shoes must be worn at school at all times. 


• Students who represent the school in voluntary activity may be required to meet additional dress and grooming standards. 

To encourage students to Dress for Success, staff and administration will:

• Educate students on Dress for Success standards.

• Designate a point person to help students acquire appropriate clothing.

If the Dress for Success standards cause a financial hardship, please see administration.