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Springfield High School boasts an excellent honors program and Advanced Placement courses in Literature, Composition, Calculus, and History. Additional college credits are available in Biology, Math, Business, Visual Arts, Vocational Programs, and Foreign Language. Springfield High offers one of the only public high school Organic Chemistry classes in the Pacific Northwest.

The elective programs at Springfield High School are incredibly diverse to meet the interests of all students. The Fine Arts department offers Band, Orchestra, Choir, Guitar, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Arts, Glass, Ceramics, and Theater.  The Applied Arts department offers Drafting, Woods, Metals, Automotive, Business & Marketing, Teacher Cadet, Publications, and Leadership.

Curriculum Guide Information

SHS 2017-2018 Course Catalog

Forecasting Sheets for 2016-2017 School Year

Class of 2018 (current 11th grade student): 2018 Forecast

Class of 2019 (current 10th grade student): 2019 Forecast

Class of 2020 (current 9th grade student): 2020 Forecast

Class of 2021 (current 8th grade student): 2021 Forecast

SHS and the New Graduation Requirements
For a visual representation of how SHS plans to help students reach these requirements in Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Sciences, please Click Here*

New Graduation Requirements

The State of Oregon has adopted new standards for the High School diploma. For a great description of the changing requirements for the diploma go to