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Springfield High School boasts an excellent honors program and Advanced Placement courses in Literature, Composition, Calculus, and History. Additional college credits are available in Biology, Math, Business, Visual Arts, Vocational Programs, and World Language. Springfield High offers an award winning Journalism Program, winning multiple national awards from 2018-2020.

SHS also has a number of opportunities where students receive college credit while completing high school courses. These include Health Professions, Auto Mechanics, Business and Marketing, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, Woodworking, World Languages, Journalism, and Mathematics.

The elective programs at Springfield High School are incredibly diverse to meet the interests of all students. The Fine Arts department offers Band, Orchestra, Choir, Guitar, Mariachi Band, Drawing & Painting, Graphic Arts, Glass, Ceramics, and Theater.  The Applied Arts department offers Drafting, Woods, Metals, Automotive, Business & Marketing, Teacher Cadet, Publications, and Leadership.

Curriculum Guide Information

SHS 2021-2022 Course and Curriculum Guide (1)

Graduation Requirements

The State of Oregon has adopted standards for the High School diploma. For a great description of the requirements for the diploma go to:

Course Changes

Students are encouraged to work closely with their counselor and choose carefully when forecasting for classes as changes made after a semester begins are discouraged. Students may drop a class (or classes) without record, until the second (2nd) Friday of the semester or from date of enrollment; whichever is appropriate. After this date, students cannot drop a class (or classes) unless approved by a parent/guardian, teachers(s) of the class(es), and an administrator. Students who drop a class after the deadline date will receive an “F” as a final semester grade on their transcript unless otherwise noted by an administrator. In some cases, a “W” may be applied. Students must speak with their counselor and fill out a course drop form.

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