Counseling Services

We look forward to working with the students and their families. Please contact your counselor so that we can be of service to you. For transcripts and other student information, please call 541-744-4787, or FAX 541-744-4875.

Robyn Eicks/Counselor (541-7444797)

Damaris Carlson/Counselor (freshman)(541-744-4866)

Sue Ann Shih-Rangeloff/ Counselor (10th-12th Last name A-Gi) (541-744 4796)

Erik Lansdon /Counselor (10th-12th Go-N) (541-744 4346)

Matt Adams/Counselor (10th-12th O-Z) (541-5250279)

Patty Ellis/ Administrative Secretary (541-7444787)         

Diane Hemelsoet/ Registrar (541-7444781)

Elena Espinoza/ Multicultural Liaison (541-7444780)      

Cindy Dapkus/ Career Center (541-744-4761)

For Career and Scholarship information, please contact Cindy Dapkus of the Career Center.


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