Anime Club watches anime, draws anime characters, and talks extensively about the Japanese art form.


Associated Student Body – The elected Student Leadership Council for Springfield High School. Advisor – Ron Otterstedt

Cycling/Adventure Club

To promote travel and culture through self-designed trips in the United States and abroad. Advisor – James March

Debate Team

Join the Debate Club in room 434 after school on Tuesdays. Students will hone their skills in many areas including research, analysis, and advocacy. This team also participates in competitions at the local and state level.  Advisor: Tom Lininger


Distributive Education Club of America – DECA is a club composed of retail selling students. The purpose is to develop future leaders for marketing and distribution. It is organized on local, state and national levels to provide incentives and recognition for retail selling students. It encourages group participation, leadership, development, and career study. DECA students work in the student store during the year. This club meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at lunch. Advisor – Susan Stambaugh

Doctor Who Fan Club

Meets Thursdays at 3:15 in room 203. Advisor – Clark Morburg

Emerald Art Center Selection Committee

Exhibits rotate every 2 months, featuring work from throughout the school district. The gallery committee composed of Springfield High. School students solicit, matt and hang the shows. Students are encouraged to become involved by working with the committee or submitting artwork for jury. Advisors – TBA

Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Team is for students who want to be challenged, build character and do the sport they love. We compete in 3 district meets a year and 1 state meet if qualified. The season starts in December and runs through May. The events that we participate consist of performance both english and western, gaming, and cattle events. The advisor is Franki Bailey.


This club meets on Wednesdays at lunch in room 618. Advisor – Amanda Bottimore


This club for future health professionals meets on Thursdays during lunch in room 401. Their goal is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skills, and leadership development of health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.  Advisor: Leslie Watson

Host Club

Every day at lunch in room 438. Advisor: Lisa Dillon

Interact Club

This club is a way to meet other people. It meets on Fridays at lunch in the Conference Room. Advisor: Debbie Knechtel

Knitting Club

This club meets on Tuesdays at lunch in room 219. Advisor – Nikki Danner

Magic – The Gathering

Magic cards meets every Monday and Wednesday after school in room 330. Advisor – Caroline McGilvary


This club meets on Fridays during lunch in room 331. Advisor: Elena Espinoza

Miller Mob

Miller MOB is a club where everyone feels a part of the school and its spirited climate. Miller MOB members attend athletic events in the true blue MOB shirts and cheer on their team in a positive sportsmanlike fashion. The MOB has even been meeting for tailgaters in the parking lot before the football games. The climate of the school and the spirit level has changed dramatically since the founding of the MOB. “Students feel a part of the school and the athletes enjoy the large fan base.” The MOB motto — “Its about the team on the field (floor) not the one in the stands.” Go MILLERS!!! Advisor – Jody Barnhart

Multicultural Student Association (MSA)

“ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE.” The Multicultural Student Union goal is to reach and include all ethnicities in SHS in order to get to know more about them and celebrate with them their culture.  Meet Wednesday at lunch in room 332. Advisor – Elena Espinoza

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is made up of seniors who hold a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.5 or above, complete 40 hours of community service, and take part in a club service project. Advisor – Maria Sayre

Peace Jam

Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize winners, Peace Jam is an organization that develops young leaders and engages them in their local and global communities. Advisors: Clark Morberg, James March.

Pep Band

Our Pep Band, under the direction of Chris Holt, is one of the best in the state!     Advisor – Chris Holt

Pokemon Club

This club meets Tuesday – Friday at lunch in room 216. Advisor – Paul Stevens

SHS Riders Club

This club meets on Mondays at lunch and Wednesdays after school in the Auto Shop. Advisor – Sam McElwain


Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol. To promote a Drug Free lifestyle for students. Working together to be Drug Free! Club meets every Wednesday, at lunchtime, in Mrs. Cook’s room 220. Advisor – Terrisa Cook

Strategy Club

Meets in room 620 @ 3:15. Advisor –  Kim Winkelman

The Travelers Club

The Travelers Club is made up of anyone who wants opportunities to travel and earn spending money for their trips. Meets in the SHS Studio Room (757). Advisor – Jill Plumb