A.M.P. (Afterschool Miller Program)

Classes run Mon./Wed. and Tues./Thurs. from 3:30-5:00 and 5:00-6:30
AMP Office is now in room 933
Jessica Whelan is the Program Coordinator click here to contact her or contact Jason Williams the after school coordinator
AMP is a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant

Music Recording Studio:
Students learn songwriting, basic music theory, digital audio engineering, beat production and studio management.   They write their own lyrics and sing and record their own songs.

Urban Arts:
Students design and create murals, T-shirts and other products using airbrush, silkscreen, and spray paint, as well as other tools.  Students will have the opportunity to develop their own small business to sell their creations. Students will also collaborate with the Music Recording Studio classes to design CD covers and posters.
Video Production:    They will use video cameras and iMovie to make music videos.

Boxing Training and Techniques:     Box1
Students will learn the Martial Art of Olympic Boxing in our fully-equipped boxing training gym.  Students will learn discipline and develop strength and endurance. There will be no contact between students at any time.
Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 is Girls Only Boxing.

Computer Repair and Refurbishing:
Students will gain marketable skills in computer repair and refurbishing.

Millerz in da Mix:
MIDM is Springfield High School’s hip-hop dance team.

New this year:  Students play games of skill and strategy.

Tutoring and Homework Help:
Students may work with tutors in the library Mon.-Thurs. from 3:30-6:30.  Our main tutor is bilingual in English and Spanish.