May Student of the Month

Noah's Photo

Noah Tornell

If you have ever met Noah, you would instantly see how much he cares about people.  He gets involved in things he is passionate about, often taking on the leadership role with ease.  He loves mentoring others and wants to help them be their best self. He seeks to grow every relationship he has.  He is clever, easy going, creative, funny, quirky and kind.
      He is a dedicated person excelling with a 4.0 GPA all four years at Springfield High School.  He did this while balancing it with taking all honors and AP classes that SHS has to offer, along with a calculus class from the U of O, cross country, track and as a member of pep band, drum major for marching band, as well as leadership in SODA, and bible study.
      He may be the most amazing person I know.
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