March Student of the Month


Alec - student of the month

Alec Mitchell has been obsessed with cars and trucks since he was little.  When we moved to Eugene and found out about Springfield’s auto program he transferred high schools.  Alec worked hard as a Freshman to prove he was a part of the auto team and wanted every class he could possibly get into.  Last year before things shut down he was even able to earn an internship with the school district working at the bus barn.  When that program came to an end he went out searching for a way to stay in the auto industry and continue to learn.  He was able to find an apprenticeship program working for a custom auto fabrication shop. At work he sands and cuts custom auto parts, as well as works on the shop’s test cars for up and coming custom auto parts.  Alec’s love of all things auto has helped him help others.  He’s been known to help friends when needed on auto projects, he even gifted a family that was struggling to pay for the auto parts they needed to get their only car up and running.  His latest projects include adding keyless entry to his truck and restoring an old farm truck for his younger sister. We greatly appreciate all that Springfield high school has given Alec, from great teachers and mentors to programs where he was able to thrive and enjoy his high school experience.

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