Twin Rivers Rotary Second Quarter Student of the Month

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Hailey Donaworth is a multi-talented individual who has done her best to get the most out of her high school years.  She is a dedicated and hardworking student who is also a top notch actress, musician, and singer.   
Hailey loves to perform and she is such a pleasure to see and hear!  The Springfield High School band, choir, and theater programs have been her “home away from home” since the start of her 9th grade year.  Her dream is to become a professional performer and be on Broadway!
 In addition to being “on stage”, Hailey has been a positive mentor to younger students in these programs over the years.  Hailey has a helping heart the size of Texas and she has made tremendous impact on those around her.  Anyone who sees Hailey smiles.  Her positive energy is infectious and
I believe she will be an amazing addition to any college campus.  
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