SHS Theatre Proudly Presents, “Don’t Tell Mother!”

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.49.01 PMSpringfield Theatre proudly presents the hilarious farce,

Don’t Tell Mother!

                     November 8,9,10,15,16,17 at 7pm in the SHS Studio

Featuring seniors Hayden Wolford, Julian Chavez, Jaylen Young, Jessi Wellentin and juniors, Jasmine Reynaga, Jayna Ray, John Niderost. Stage managed by  juniors Trinity Maxwell and Gretchen Hoffman. Costumes by Jamie Parker; Costume Couture and Technical Direction by Steven Scott. Directed by Jill E. Plumb.


Box Office: 541.744.4774

On the evening that timid librarian Cinnamon Schmidt and her mother are to entertain her fiance Hobart and his mother at serene family dinner, Cinnamon comes home in shock because she has witnessed a bank robbery and is the only one who can identify the crook. She confides her terror to chum Deedee Malone, not daring to tell her mother and then federal agent Joe Shimko arrives having gotten a tip that the robber, Orville Maddox, is en route to bump off the witness. The pace is rapid fire, the dialogue hilarious, and the laughter non stop.
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