SHS Acting Ensemble Presents: Fahrenheit 451

Springfield Acting Ensemble presents Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 April 19, 20, 21 at 7:00pm in the SHS Studio Theatre.  Ray Bradbury’s futuristic story where “firemen” create fires instead of putting them out. In this dark future, books are burnt when found and individual thinking is punished. Montag is a fireman who, after meeting a young woman, Clarisse-who embraces thinking and reading– becomes frustrated and jaded with his role as a fireman and finds meaning in the very novels he is supposed to destroy. Beatty, the fire chief, notices the change in Montag and wages a battle of wits and endangers Montag’s life. Montag must choose to defy Beatty and the firemen or join a small group of those who resist the oppressive government at the risk of their lives.  General Admission $5. Seating is limited–reservations HIGHLY recommended.  541.744.4768
Featuring seniors Kyler Deanda as Montag and Hannah Baehler as Clarice with  junior Julian Chavez as Chief Beatty. The SHS Acting Ensemble proudly fills out the rest of the cast and crew
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