ACT Testing April 28

This coming Tuesday, April 28th, freshman, sophomores and juniors will be taking the EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT assessments respectfully at Springfield High School. The will be NO REGULAR class on this day and students will be dismissed when their respective test concludes.

All students testing should be on campus no later than 8:30am to find their room assignment. All testing begins no later than 9am and will conclude no later than 1:00pm. Freshman taking the EXPLORE will be finishing up earliest at about 11:30am; sophomores around 12:00-12:30pm; and juniors around 12:30-1:00pm. Seniors will not be testing and will not have classes to attend. Buses will be running at the regular scheduled times, so we recommend setting up alternative pick-up transportation. Students are welcome to stay on campus until 3:15pm when buses arrive and will be supervised. Otherwise, students will be expected to be off campus when their test is over.

The ACT is a college admissions test that is offered each year to all juniors, free of charge, that can help students reach goals toward applying for college and being eligible for many scholarships. The EXPLORE and PLAN are ‘pre-ACT’ assessments that mimic the ACT and help prepare our younger students for the ACT. The scores are reported to SHS and, in the case of the ACT, to the students’ homes as well. Scores offer percentile comparisons in all test sections; English, math, reading, science and, in the case of the ACT, writing. Scores also examine student interest survey answers and give valuable information to the student regarding potential careers and college ‘readiness’.

Please feel free to contact the SHS counseling department if you would like more information regarding ACT testing day.

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