Welcome to Springfield HS!

Our Vision

At Springfield High School, we are committed, through an ongoing collaboration between teachers, families, and community members, to offering rich and diverse curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in school and in all future endeavors.

Portrait of an SHS Graduate

  1. Persistent and Resourceful Individual:  Graduate will persevere in the face of adversity to complete the task at hand.
  2. Adaptable and Productive Community Member: Graduates will act as productive citizen by demonstrating responsibility to their community and flexibility in fulfilling personal, professional, and community expectations.
  3. College and Career-Ready Scholar: Graduates will develop and manage a personal education and career plan, and demonstrate application of academic and technical competencies to a chosen career field.
  4. Critical and Innovative Problem-Solver:   Graduates will understand the nature of problems, create innovate solutions, and make informed decisions by using critical and creative thinking, logical reasoning, analysis, inquiry, and problem-solving techniques.
  5. Ethical Decision Maker: Graduate will display personal and professional integrity by demonstrating leadership, effective decision-making, and ethical personal and professional management skills.
  6. Effective Communicator and Collaborator:   Graduates will demonstrate leadership qualities through the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, innovate, and think creatively.

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Springfield High School celebrates the best staff, faculty and students in Lane County.

Missed the event? 

Check out Springfield Theatre’s annual Pep Rally video celebrating our wonderful school. 

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Boosters Needs You!

PARENTS! We need you to be part of our Boosters Club! This group provides amazing support for all kinds of student activities at SHS.

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The 2018 Best of SHS Pep Rally is another success. Thank you to all who supported our celebration of what makes Springfield High School the best school in Lane County. Want to see Springfield Acting Ensemble’s Pep Rally video again? Check it out:

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School Supply list


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