Welcome to Springfield HS!

Our Vision

At Springfield High School, we are committed, through an ongoing collaboration between teachers, families, and community members, to offering rich and diverse curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in school and in all future endeavors.

Portrait of an SHS Graduate

  1. Persistent:  Graduate will persevere in the face of adversity to complete the task at hand.
  2. Adaptable and Productive Citizen: Graduates will act as productive citizen by demonstrating responsibility to their community and flexibility in fulfilling personal, professional, and community expectations.
  3. College and Career-Ready Scholar: Graduates will develop and manage a personal education and career plan, and demonstrate application of academic and technical competencies to a chosen career field.
  4. Critical and Innovative Problem-Solver:   Graduates will understand the nature of problems, create innovate solutions, and make informed decisions by using critical and creative thinking, logical reasoning, analysis, inquiry, and problem-solving techniques.
  5. Ethical Decision Maker: Graduate will display personal and professional integrity by demonstrating leadership, effective decision-making, and ethical personal and professional management skills.
  6. Effective Communicator and Collaborator:   Graduates will demonstrate leadership qualities through the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, innovate, and think creatively.

Look through our web site to find what you need!
Questions? Please give us a call!

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Tree of Joy

It is time for the Tree of Joy again. 60 students from our feeder elementary schools have been selected and are hoping to be adopted by SHS. Teachers will talk with their 4th period classes or any other group that they think might like to adopt a student. Teachers can pick up a tag with a student’s information at the start of 4th period on Wednesday.
All gifts must be returned wrapped by the start of 4th period on Monday December 12th.
Let’s show how much Millers care!

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SHS Receives $21,000.00 in Grants from SEF!


SHS had five staff members receive grant awards from the Springfield Education Foundation this year! Click on this link to see the story!

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Canned Food Drive

We only have a few days left in the Canned Food Drive!  Please drop off your donations to your 3rd period class.  All donations go to support families here at SHS.

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Career Exploration Event

LCC & Springfield Chamber of Commerce Career Exploration Event will be hosted at Lane Community College on December 8th.

Click here to register and explore: Advanced Technology~~ Business/Computer Information Technology~~ Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management~~ Health Professions


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Winter Sports Registration

Winter sports (basketball, wrestling, swimming) registration is Tuesday, November 8, 4:00-6:00. Make sure to pick up your registration information so you’re ready to go on Tuesday. You must register in order to be eligible to practice for a great season!

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

There is no school for students on Thursday or Friday this week due to parent-teacher conferences. We will see you Monday for the start of the new quarter. Monday will be an “A” day.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up! Please have your student return your Conference Appointment Request Form to the counseling department to ensure a spot next Thursday (4:00-8:30) and Friday (8:00 -11:30). This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your student’s teachers! If you do not have the form, you can download it here shs-parent-teacher-conference-form.

We look forward to seeing many of you on November 3rd or 4th!

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SHS Kaleidoscope Retreat

The Springfield High School Kaleidoscope traveled to Lincoln City for their 16th annual Kaleidoscope Retreat.

Kaleidoscope members spend time bonding while they rehearse music, perform team building tasks, perform in a Talent Show, play games and just plain-old PLAY together! This group of students performs for many community events all over the metropolitan area, as well as for school concerts. Call 541-744-4394 for more information.

Students posing at the Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge in Dallas, Oregon.

photo-1 photo-3

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SHS Concert Chorale

correct Size

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SHS Choir Performances

Schedule of Choir Performances


13: Winter Choral Concert, @ SHS, 7:30pm

15: U of O Choir Festival

16: “Just Sing It!” Middle School Choir Festival @ SHS, all day

14: Pre-Spring Choral Concert, @ SHS, 7:30pm

22: Choral Program Recruiting at Middle Schools

11: District Choral Festival  @ SEHS, all day

18: Metropolitan Choral Festival, @ Hult Center, 7:00pm

16: Solo Night, @ SHS, 7:00pm

26-30: Disneyland Performance Tour

6: Spring Choral Concert, @ SHS, 7:30pm


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